I like hearing from my visitors, clients, or just a question about anything. So please leave me a message. I read every single email I receive and do my best to respond, but it may take a day or so two get back to you. Shorter emails receive a quicker response and comments on my blog will be the quickest. Please read my frequently asked questions before emailing, I may have answered your question already.


Children, Couples, Cars, Events, Portraits, Parties, Landscapes, & Model. Please leave a description of what you are inquiring about.


Do you work for drinks, food, or free?: - NO

Ads/Sponsors?: E-mail here! Include full description in email ....

Prints?: Available for small packages. Five photos is that max for personal use and examples. I do not print big catalog/packages. Photos will have to be sent out for that. Referrals/Recommendations will be given if interested. (currently working on a host page for all cilent photos)

Can I bring props to the shoot?: Sure, if it will make the shoot interesting and fun.

How do I reserve you for a date?: Once you've contacted me via txt, email, or by phone, and we come to agreement. I automatically add you to my schedule.

How much do you charge a shoot?: All depends, Why? Becuase every photoshoot job is different. Once we have gone over the details of the shoot location and time. Then we can talk about pricing.

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