When someone contacts me about doing a photoshoot. I always get a little nervous, but its not the nervousness of being afraid of doing the photoshoot - it's more excitement then nervousness. My good friend Mike Tess contacted me about taking a few photos for his new project. Of course I said yes because I like working with new people. In these set of photos the sun was really bright, but I said to myself... the sun is the best light ever to have during a photoshoot. So in a way it made think a little more on how to use the sun but not have my images over exposed from the sun. It was simply a great challenge for me. I was a little skeptical about the location being the sun was extremely to bright on this location. But I was able to make it work, & I love every image from this photoshoot. 


Meet my friend Jaime O from Brooklyn, New York. We got together to do a fun shoot together. With no real plan or actual ideas... we just decide were just going let the day inspire us. We grabbed lunch, caught up on life, & took a couple of photos. In between that Jaime decide to continue working on his new art piece. I was there to capture the fun... check the video out down below.