Daily Photo: HER

Finding someone to spend the rest of your life with can be difficult finding. We've known each other for almost ten years, dating for about six years, & engaged for two years. You still drive me crazy...  

Took this photo a year ago during the summer. We walked the famous highline pathway, spent the time just conversing with each other, & taking photos. What is also special about that day "her" bought me a brand new camera lens. And what not a better way to test it out on "her"




Lately I've had this itch for night photography. Simply because it brings so much relaxation to my soul that it is unexplainable. Just a couple days ago my fiancée and I drove down to the Manhattan which is a 25-30 minute drive for us without unexpected traffic condition. My essential reasoning for heading to the city was to check out this famous ice cream store (@mikeylikesiticecream) that has hit Instagram mainstream. 

We arrived into the city around 9pm, looked for parking which took us another 15mins, & then walked to our destination. For me walking the city at night is relaxing then walking it during the day. During the day you are saying excuse me more than you would say bless you to someone sneezing. After we split a deliciousness cup of strawberry cheesecake - plus the four to five sample of every other ice cream in the store. We proceeded to walk around to just enjoy the summer night. 

I had no essential plans of visiting the freedom tower / museum. But my fiancé  mention she never really seen it at night beside driving wise and would like to see it. Once we got there it was completely empty (shockingly) because it is a tourist favorite place to visit at any time of the day. Since no one was there and I didn't have to wait long to setup my shot. I took full advantage of the emptiness. I began to setup my camera and snap away. My final picture I took was this one which is a wide depth of feel. For future gallery titles, I name this one "Standing Strong." 

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Oh So Common

This photo your looking at in this post is currently the most famous photo to ever hit Instagram. It has been shot numerous times by the some pretty dope photographer that are on Instagram. Just the other day my friend Andrew & I were out shooting and we finally came across the spot where this particular photo was taken by other photographers. I was pretty excited to finally see it for my eyes. There something about seeing a photo, and then being in the same exact location where it was taken. Nothing is better than freezing the moment... But being in presence of it, seeing it for your own eyes is just amazing.

When first took the shot, I said those clouds are exactly what I want to stand out. I also thought if I am going to shoot the same thing everybody has already shot and posted it on Instagram - it better have my little twist to it. So I did do some post edit with more of a vintage film to have burnt out look. 

Hope you enjoy

Vacation In Jamaica

Did someone order a Manhattan ?

I'm currently in Jamaica on a wonderful vacation with family and friends. First I would like to say, when your on vacation and you have a camera present, all you do is hold down that camera button and take thousands of photos. I'm wondering to myself how am I going to ever finish editing, organizing, & sharing all these pictures. The good thing is I edited all the photos of family members. So my photos for my blog, instagram, & catalog will be much easier to organize. I will definitely update soon once I'm off this high of a vacation trip.



I decided to revamp my website again, to add a few new things for you to check out. Thanks for visiting, I hope you like what you see.  

Last night, I went on a night photography mission with my good friend Andrew G. We hit up the busy streets of Manhattan and just snapped away. It was a first for me to actually bring my tripod with me on a night mission. I always try shoot without one. (bad idea)  Always shoot with a tripod when it comes to night photography. 

So let me explain the photo above, as I was walking down Broadway in Times Sq. This lady in the photo was just sitting there admiring images, or maybe her work. She might have been an artist who illustrate some amazing things. I'm sorry I didn't ask her, after I took the photo she yelled at me. Simple because I didn't ask for permission to take her photo. Oh well it made a killer photo.... this is how the convo went.

Lady: You want photo?!