Daily Photo: L'Archive


Almost a year ago, I had an idea where I would do a shoot for more branding/marketing for my blog. You know more images to share, Tshirt, & stickers. The shoot came out amazing, which I was extremely excited about. My good friend Andrew helped me with the shoot. Such an amazing photographer and inspiration to me. We woke up at the crack of dawn and drove an hour away to the middle of nowhere. We ended up stopping on this road which probably had one car that passed every 13-20 mins or so. Which turn out to be a good thing we had the street to play around in like we were kids in a sandbox. Lol. 


Recently I got a new phone and decide to clean out all my old images. I came cross this one and completely forgot about it. I'm so glad I keep a junk folder of images that I always go back to every now and then. 

I cannot wait for more adventures. 


When someone contacts me about doing a photoshoot. I always get a little nervous, but its not the nervousness of being afraid of doing the photoshoot - it's more excitement then nervousness. My good friend Mike Tess contacted me about taking a few photos for his new project. Of course I said yes because I like working with new people. In these set of photos the sun was really bright, but I said to myself... the sun is the best light ever to have during a photoshoot. So in a way it made think a little more on how to use the sun but not have my images over exposed from the sun. It was simply a great challenge for me. I was a little skeptical about the location being the sun was extremely to bright on this location. But I was able to make it work, & I love every image from this photoshoot.