I have a podcast show.



I started a podcast !!! 

I always wanted to do a podcast. I like engaging with others based on specific topics, that provoke deep thoughts, & give a message at the end. It took me a while to create a name for my podcast. So I went with the most obvious name. (KareemDaily) 

Reasoning being I didn't have a to many names that me made excited about it... So I decide if my podcast starts to grow then I give it a way better than name that it is. Maybe. 

What is my podcast? 

Absolutely about nothing, no seriously. I started it off with mainly just myself talking (obviously) about everything and anything. I didn't feel like breaking my podcast down in a category. Why? Do the the norm? There are hundreds of podcast, they all have great topics. But I just felt I wanted to do something a little different. 

So for my first official podcast is my intro along with a question at the end. Unfortunately, I haven't received the proper equipment yet that I need to do my podcast. What had happened was, I purchased a microphone off eBay and it just taking forever. So I cancelled that order. Got my money back and purchased a new mic from Amazon. (Smarter deal)   

So once I get the new equipment I will return with another episode to my podcast. Please feel free to comment, leave questions, & come back. 

Podcast: soundcloud/kareemdaily



We all have it, we all enjoy it, we all need it to survive. But honestly to much can kill you. You probably do not know what the f%%k I am talking about. Ok lord forgive....I'm talking about the food we eat. Yes. Food! 

Recently I went to doctor for one of those monthly check up. My doc he had some bad news for me. Unfortunatly. I went from laughing to frowning within seconds. Mr Doc told me I needed to watch what I'm eating, how much of the same high calorie food I'm consuming, & start to change my eating habits. 

😩 Doc do you know how hard that is ? 


I cannot believe this is happening to me. I love food, I truly do. I mean who doesn't? C'mon now, all my friends always say to me you're always eating some exclusive deliciousness..... 

😔 doc your killing me now, what shall I eat?

Anyway upon finding out that I gained some weight recently. I was craving no other than "Shake Shack" great now I got this guilty feeling in the back of my mind about my eating habits. Oh well I guess I'll just suffer in the gym or maybe a jog will do the trick. 

After the amazing surf & turf burger I had from Shake Shack and cheese fries *cough* which I did share the fries with my lovely lady. I'm currently trying to eat nothing but salad with grill chicken, vegetables, & less fast food. 

I'll get back to you when I'm done crying over my bowl of salad