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Can I get a double tap on my Instagram feed for this photo =) . Can I first say how much I am obsessed with this photo I captured. Just look at those colors... something like a painting. Before I got into serious photography, I had no clue about any of the techniques that it takes to creating a interesting image. You know that image that just takes you to another place.

Lately I'm noticing how much more I'm becoming, very meticulous about the images I capture. In photography I've learned taking your time and capturing what's in front of you takes more then just pushing a shutter button.

Tell me what you think in the comments down below. Would like some feedback on the photo. Should it be printed... hmm

Daily Photo: L'Archive


Almost a year ago, I had an idea where I would do a shoot for more branding/marketing for my blog. You know more images to share, Tshirt, & stickers. The shoot came out amazing, which I was extremely excited about. My good friend Andrew helped me with the shoot. Such an amazing photographer and inspiration to me. We woke up at the crack of dawn and drove an hour away to the middle of nowhere. We ended up stopping on this road which probably had one car that passed every 13-20 mins or so. Which turn out to be a good thing we had the street to play around in like we were kids in a sandbox. Lol. 


Recently I got a new phone and decide to clean out all my old images. I came cross this one and completely forgot about it. I'm so glad I keep a junk folder of images that I always go back to every now and then. 

I cannot wait for more adventures. 

Daily Photo: HER

Finding someone to spend the rest of your life with can be difficult finding. We've known each other for almost ten years, dating for about six years, & engaged for two years. You still drive me crazy...  

Took this photo a year ago during the summer. We walked the famous highline pathway, spent the time just conversing with each other, & taking photos. What is also special about that day "her" bought me a brand new camera lens. And what not a better way to test it out on "her"



I just publish this photo on my Instagram that remind me of summer. Oh how much I miss summer already and we not even close to winter. I think I'm ready for winter, because I know the amount of beautiful images I will be capturing while out on adventures are going be great for the archive look book.

This past summer was just a great time for me. The photo above which features my friend, Jaime who pretending to climb up from the east river on the Brooklyn side of New York City. Before he went climbed over, I said to him your nuts, what would happen if you slip in. Which would be a funny but messy situation. Let be clear on one thing if you've been to New York City or know anything about NYC, just know the water isn't the prettiest sight.

We were able to capture the moment without causing any problems or falling in. Overall it turned out to be an amazing photo capture by yours truly.


Blurred New York Traffic

I haven't spent much time photographing anything recently, which simply kills me. If there one thing I could do every day would be to wake up and photograph something that provokes my inner creativity. Just about two years ago, I really got into photography where I started studying the craft of it all. But even before that my dad gave me an old Polaroid camera which I used completely and made a mess of, then it was the video camera, then came my point and shoot Canon, & then cell phones came along. Currently I use a DSLR which I am obsessed with sometimes I just sit with it and try all different kind of features.

Moving Fast

But lately my time is all backwards.. I mean one minute I'm busy running around doing errands, then I'm at work for 8hrs, & then I'm spending time with the love of my life. Life has been a full roll coaster lately and I feel like I am loosing all control on my life. So much to do, so little time. Eventually I will get back on traffic, I know I will.

E 14st, Manhattan, New York

Here are few images from a few old random nights when I was out with a friend and my fiancée. I try and bring my camera, as much as I can with me to hopefully capture something so great it moves a million people. (One day

Define Freedom 

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