Mulberry St.

Sometimes you have to enjoy your life the best way you can. Sunday evening my fiancée & I attend the Italian festival that happens yearly in Manhattan, New York. I was very skeptical about the situation based on all the traffic conditions that I would be facing. But I said you know what, however long it takes me to get there and find a parking spot, it will surely be worth it. As i briefly said to my fiancee, were definitely not go to find parking near the street or even close by. So the first parking garage I saw I pulled in and said park it please... 

Walking to the entrance of the festival you are presented with a wonderful bakery smell. I mean you can smell it for miles away. As we entered the barricade I saw so many people there just enjoying everything insight. From the delicious pasta meal, the pastries, & all different activities to do with friends and family. I must have walked by a dozen pastries stands and wishing I could eat everything. 

OH-MY.........HOW-COOL-IS-THIS-GUY ! He was in full character waving his blades around and showing off his costume. When somebody in the crowded said "show us your moves" he stop and turn around and showed us a few moves. 

After walking through Mulberry street and fighting around people. Yelling EXCUSE ME! We finally got to the end of the festivities and said you know what lets walk back on different street. Passing through I saw this man in front store just organizing things around, probably for the next day, it was pretty late when I passed by him but this image is everything to me. It says so much based on lighting and the motion of the person.

Never forget to smile.