Blurred New York Traffic

I haven't spent much time photographing anything recently, which simply kills me. If there one thing I could do every day would be to wake up and photograph something that provokes my inner creativity. Just about two years ago, I really got into photography where I started studying the craft of it all. But even before that my dad gave me an old Polaroid camera which I used completely and made a mess of, then it was the video camera, then came my point and shoot Canon, & then cell phones came along. Currently I use a DSLR which I am obsessed with sometimes I just sit with it and try all different kind of features.

Moving Fast

But lately my time is all backwards.. I mean one minute I'm busy running around doing errands, then I'm at work for 8hrs, & then I'm spending time with the love of my life. Life has been a full roll coaster lately and I feel like I am loosing all control on my life. So much to do, so little time. Eventually I will get back on traffic, I know I will.

E 14st, Manhattan, New York

Here are few images from a few old random nights when I was out with a friend and my fiancée. I try and bring my camera, as much as I can with me to hopefully capture something so great it moves a million people. (One day

Define Freedom 

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