So if you follow me on any of the other popular social apps you might have seen my cupcake picture.  First I want to say THANK YOU! to my good friend Rachel who made them. My day began around 11am which is pretty late for me. Sometimes. 

It was cloudy and gloomy on July 4th, I was pretty sure I was having this BBQ party. I wasn't going to let the rain hold me back. So I started preparing everything for my friends to come over & have a good time. 

It turned out that the sun started peaking through the clouds once the party started. Let the partying begin, meats on the grill, drinks are getting poured, & the relaxation has begun.

I'm a big fan of backyard parties, hanging out with friends, getting into deep convo's, & creating memories that will last forever. I'm glad I got to spend my time with some good friends for a July 4th.  Until next time cool friends. Cheers everybody.