Oh So Common

This photo your looking at in this post is currently the most famous photo to ever hit Instagram. It has been shot numerous times by the some pretty dope photographer that are on Instagram. Just the other day my friend Andrew & I were out shooting and we finally came across the spot where this particular photo was taken by other photographers. I was pretty excited to finally see it for my eyes. There something about seeing a photo, and then being in the same exact location where it was taken. Nothing is better than freezing the moment... But being in presence of it, seeing it for your own eyes is just amazing.

When first took the shot, I said those clouds are exactly what I want to stand out. I also thought if I am going to shoot the same thing everybody has already shot and posted it on Instagram - it better have my little twist to it. So I did do some post edit with more of a vintage film to have burnt out look. 

Hope you enjoy